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INTE-AFRICA (Integrating and decentralising HIV, diabetes and hypertension services in Africa) is a European Commission-funded project that aims to test the efficacy of integrating diabetes and hypertension services alone, or together with HIV-infection services, in two sub-Saharan African countries: Uganda and Tanzania.

The project brings together six European and three sub-Saharan African partners, and its results are expected to be relevant and applicable to other conditions and other sub-Saharan African countries.


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❓What areas of #HIV and #NCD research do you think are being neglected? How has the field of integrated care been changing?

Esther Nkiinzi answers these and other questions on the #INTEAFRICA website.


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👩🏾‍🔬 Her research thesis for the master’s degree introduced her to the world of research and investigated the barriers to accessing diabetic services in the South Asian Community.

Interview with Esther Nkiinzi, Research Administrator at #INTEAFRICA.


⭐ Meet some of the @RespondAfrica staff!

Esther Nkiinzi is Research Administrator for #MOCCA, #INTEAFRICA and #INTECOMM projects. Read more on his role in the consortium and other thoughts she shared with us.


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❓ How did you initially get involved in research? How has the field of #IntegratedCare, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, been changing?

Caroline Jeffery, Research Associate at @RespondAfrica, answers on the #INTEAFRICA website:


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